Journal of Postcolonial Linguistics 2(2020)

Special issue:
“The Pragmatics of Place: Postcolonial Perspectives”

The Pragmatics of Place: Postcolonial Perspectives
Carsten Levisen & Eeva Sippola

‘Country’, ‘land’, ‘nation’: Key Anglo English words for talking and thinking about people in places
Cliff Goddard

Europeanized Places, Europeanized People: The Discursive Construction of Argentina
Jan Hein

Language and spatiality in urban Mozambique: Ex-colonial language spread “from below”
Torun Reite

Constructing non-ethnic community belonging on grounds of spatial affiliation: The local adverb aquí in a Guatemalan community
Rita Tamara Vallentin

Narrative iteration and place in a Johannesburg tavern
William Kelleher