Journal of Postcolonial Linguistics

ISSN 2670-1421

Journal of Postcolonial Linguistics features interdisciplinary research on language in postcolonial contexts and on linguistics from a postcolonial perspective.

Postcolonial linguists aim to provide new models, theories and analyses that are adequate in a multipolar, postcolonial world, and which can challenge the understandings, conceptualizations and theorizing created by Eurocentric frameworks. Thus, the journal welcomes critical, analytically innovative contributions that provide new evidence and analyses of understudied linguistic practices and language varieties in postcolonial contexts. It also encourages conceptually oriented papers that discuss central questions in this emerging field, including the following:

Representations in linguistics. How do we represent words, constructions, and conversations in linguistics? What metalanguage is suitable for analyzing language and linguistic practices?

Voices in linguistics. Who gets to speak? How are (post)colonial dynamics of power structured and enacted in public discourses of education, politics, and in society in general?

Biases in linguistics. Through what lenses do we study the world and its speakers? How can we escape biases such as Eurocentrism, Anglocentrism, chronocentrism, ‘the written language bias’, and similar well-documented descriptive and theoretical biases?

Ethics in linguistics. How do we study languages, discourses and speakers ethically, in an age of transnationalism, urbanization, and linguistic marginalization?